We also hold one or two-day seminars focusing on a specific topic related to faith and justice. There are introductory, intermediate, and advanced level seminars including but not limited to:


1.       Trauma and resilience as immigrants

Based on Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) model, this seminar introduces the definition of trauma and resilience in context of the Korean American immigrant history. We explore the trauma of racism, cultural and generational gap that deeply impacts our community and church. We also recognize the spirit of resilience in immigrant communities and highlight names of people and events that strengthen and celebrate our experiences.

2.     Conflict transformation and restorative justice for churches

Christians are not immune to conflict. How will we resolve conflict and restore relationships as well as bringing justice for the victim? This seminar will provide biblical framework for conflict transformation and restorative justice.

3.       Becoming interculturally competent church leaders

Although our society is becoming more culturally diverse, many church leaders lack intercultural mindsets while practicing ministry. Finding ways to intentionally engage people of different cultures with sensitivity and curiosity is a critical skill leaders must develop. In this seminar, we discuss an intercultural development continuum: denial, polarization, minimization, acceptance and adaptation. 

4.       6 C’s: How to revitalize your church

How can we create a culture of peace in the church? This seminar examines ways to revitalize the church examining the 6 C’s: covenant, commitment, confidentiality, conflict, creativity, and consensus. This seminar provides practical tools to identify areas that the church is doing well in and areas that need to be worked out.

5.      Intercultural mediation: agreeing and disagreeing in love

More than ever, churches are becoming polarized. How then can we “make every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” based on Ephesians 4:3?  How can we in thought, action, and communal life learn to agree and disagree in love? This seminar provides biblical principles and skills to communicate clearly and listen carefully. 


We are also available to lead half-day or full-day workshops for your church or organization. Contact us for more information via email:

Roundtable Preaching Seminar by Dr, Allan Rudy-Froese and interpreted by Rev. Sunghwan Kim