Ways to advocate for peace in the Korean Peninsula

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Advocacy visit to Senator Kamala Harris's office on February 2, 2018

As the peaceful Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang comes to a close in South Korea, the tension in the Korean Peninsula is growing again. At such a dangerous time, we have been asked by our friends and supporters living in the United States how they can be peace witnesses. How can we oppose the President who suggests using a "bloody nose tactic" to teach North Korea a lesson?

On February 2, 2018, in collaboration with Friends Committee on National Legislation and Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace, thirteen of us visited the office of Senator Kamala Harris. Anthony Manousos, a Quaker peace activist and friend, organized this meeting for us to urge Senator Harris to support S 2047, a bill to bar the executive branch from using taxpayer money to launch a military strike against North Korea. On February 16th, the Lunar New Year, we visited Congresswoman Judy Chu's office in Pasadena and thanked her in supporting HR 4837- a bill to prohibit the introduction of the Armed Forces into hostilities in North Korea without a declaration of war or explicit statutory authorization, and for other purposes.

During our visit, Hyun shared that he came to lobby for the bill because of his faith convictions in following the Prince of Peace. He also shared about the people he met in North Korea who want reconciliation and plead that the these leaders urge the President to sign the peace treaty with North Korea. Anthony said these inter-generational and multi-cultural team visits were some of the "best lobby visits I've ever helped organize--a powerful way to begin FCNL's campaign to avert war with North Korea in the LA area." 

Take Action
Here are some ways you can also advocate for peace in the Korean Peninsula from where you live: 

1. Find out where your congressional representatives stand.

Has your senator signed onto S 2047 as a cosponsor? Has your representative signed onto HR 4837 as a cosponsor? These bills would ensure that President Trump cannot launch an unconstitutional strike on North Korea.

2. Lobby your members of Congress.

Download and print our legislative ask for in-person lobbying on North Korea.

3. Write a Letter to the Editor.

Write a letter to your local paper. 

4. Learn about Advocacy Teams.

Advocacy Teams are Quakers and friends from across the country who use their power as constituents to change Washington's approach to North Korea this year.

source: https://www.fcnl.org/updates/stop-a-nuclear-war-with-north-korea-1178

Please continue to pray on your knees and on your feet!