We Are LA! Youth Peace Camp Speakers

In the following week, ReconciliAsian will be hosting the We Are LA! Youth Peace Camp at Mountain View Mennonite Church in Upland. This is the first year hosting this special camp for high school students exploring individual and collective identity and addressing issues such as immigration, racism, as well as other prevailing issues in our society. In a region filled with a fusion of cultures, the question of, 'What does it mean to be an Angeleno?" or "How do we define Angeleno?" will be addressed while trying to piece how faith and God contributes to unity. 

We are fortunate to have two powerful speakers partake in the youth camp: Osheta Moore and Kenichi Yoshida.

Osheta Moore is an Anabaptist-y, stay-at-home mom right in the thick of moving her family from Boston to Los Angeles. She is passionate about racial reconciliation, peacemaking, and community development in the urban core. She writes on her blog Shalom in the City, and works alongside her husband's ministry at New City Church of Los Angeles. 

Pastor Kenichi Yoshida is a Japanese pastor who grew up in Malaysia and is part of the pastoral team of a historically African American church, Pasadena Church. Kenichi studied Mathematics at UC Santa Barbara then continued to obtain a Masters in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is currently a program administrator at the department of marriage and family at Fuller and is a Pastor of Discipleship at Pasadena Church.

We are excited to host these two speakers who come with a diverse array of experiences. Click here, We Are LA! Youth Peace Camp, for more information.