Your Support Can Change Lives

As the year closes, we truly want to thank you for your faithfulness to the ministry of ReconciliAsian. With your prayer and financial support, ReconciliAsian has had many opportunities to be a witness for peace in Asian communities from Los Angeles to northeast Asia.

Here are some of the ways we have impacted lives this year:

“A member of our church was on the brink of a divorce, but she came to the church retreat where you taught about conflict transformation. She went home and shared what she learned with her husband, who said he had no idea that she felt that way about their marriage. They began to really talk.              It changed their marriage.”  

—Jeehye Kim, Gardena Korean Presbyterian Church

“You know, I don’t like being told what to do. I judge for myself what is true and false.  But today, you made me think. You really made me think about my relationship with my son.”

-  Participant who attended the Parenting that Restores seminar

“After attending this peace book club, I am going to start a book club at our church as a way to create space to talk about peace and reconciliation in our congregation.” 

Pastor Haedong Yoo, The Oaks Christian Fellowship

“You have a unique ministry that is critically needed in immigrant  churches. The Disciples of Christ denomination would like towork with ReconciliAsian to educate our Korean pastors.”   

Pastor Jinsuk Chun, Executive Pastor at North American Pacific/Asian Disciples

These transformative encounters could not have happened without your support. In 2015, your support has allowed us to minister in many ways, including:

  •  Visiting Nagasaki, Japan to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing and seeking ways to reconcile with Asian leaders participating in the Christian Forum for Reconciliation in Northeast Asia.
  •  Organizing and publishing a ten-week North Korean Studies course examining the conflict in the Korean Peninsula and seeking ways for reconciliation.
  •    Partnering with Sunyanghana, a Korean nonprofit organization, to lead a bike trip from San Francisco to L.A. that raised funds to send boots to North Korea.
  • Helping to form the Korean American Ecumenical Peace Network in North America with five denominations and setting up a peace school in Flushing, New York where local churches can learn about the intersectionality of peace and faith.
  • 13 participants completing the 4th semester of Journey Towards Reconciliation, an intensive peacemaking discipleship training program. Over 60 people have now completed JTR courses.
  • Publishing stories of reconciliation for Fuller Magazine, Timbrel, News M, Joonang Ilbo, and the Mennonite Church USA blog

We believe that Jesus’ call to peacemaking is at the heart of the gospel, and ReconciliAsian is committed to spreading this message far and wide. But we cannot continue this ministry without support from our donors and friends like you.

We invite you to prayerfully consider supporting and joining us to spread the message and be a witness of peace in Asian communities through the work of ReconciliAsian. Every donation—large or small—makes a difference in allowing us to continue this work in our churches and communities. Thank you so much for your generous consideration.

Peace be with you,

Sue Park-Hur and Hyun Hur

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